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  • We are building an internet startup that integrates a royalty-free music site with a mobile video editing app. Users can shoot video with their phone and overlay music, voice, etc. easy and simply. We needed the company setup for investors, acquisitions and we needed seed funding. We have teamed up with Pacifica Consulting for this undertaking and although ChinaCOVID has put additional challenges in our path we are executing on the right trajectory and progressing nicely.

    Mikki Aglaganov
    President, BestMediaClub, Inc.
  • I’ve known Kevin for many years. We worked together successfully for several years, back in the 90’s. So naturally I contacted Pacifica for help when I needed to roll out a national internet merger and acquisition strategy for a telecom company in Russia. We built the first nationwide internet company in Russia, 2003-2007. I’d do it again the same way, with Pacifica Consulting.

    Cliff Gauntlett, Sr. Vice President
    Moscow, Russia
  • We needed someone to rejuvenate our Oil and Gas Data Analytics Business in 2011 when the oil prices were dropping and the energy industry was shrinking. PCI brought clients and projects into the business that are still producing revenue today.

    Qualex Consulting Services, Inc.
    Miami, FL USA.