Project Expertise

Let’s develop and expand business across borders, continents and the internet.

Internet and Mobile App Startup

Organize and setup the company, build strategy and financial projections, create and execute the investment acquisition plan.

US Corporate Expansion into the Russian Data Center Market

Build relationships with US Global Enterprises as they expand into the Russian market. Liaison between US Information Technology and Networking teams and Russian Data Center Operators to specify/prepare/propose the requirements for racks, power and cooling, equipment configuration, network connectivity and application development.

Professional Sports Teams Business Analytics

Design, build and deploy business driver dashboards to allow owners and C level executives to see operations performance on an hourly basis. Business data included ticket and season ticket sales/resales, multi-channel campaign creation and execution, social media harvesting for actionable intelligence.

Energy, Oil and Gas Business Analytics

Design, build and deploy pipeline and oil well performance dashboards to allow operators to see performance on an hourly basis. Additional data models included Offshore Platform Equipment Maintenance, Personal Health and Safety Performance, Drilling-Production- Incident Prediction, Coil Tube Drill Out Optimization, Flowline Deposition, Wellbore Integrity, Well Depletion, Drawdown and more.

Global Infrastructure Projects for International Investors

Conceptual project development from idea, finances and design through building the project including design, build and implementation. Building the business, the financial metrics, the operations including sales, marketing functions and operations.

International Telecom Mergers, Acquisitions and Consolidation

Acquired regional and local telecom companies and integrated them into a holding organization, which included optimized technical assets, upgraded business models and workflows, optimized back office, sales and marketing functions to support the new organization.

Customer Focused Corporate Development

Creation and implementation of a high value customer programs within a multimillion-dollar Technology Corporation. Including managing budgets, systems, analytics and performance metrics for C level executive reporting.

Global Distribution and Sales Channel Development for Software Products and Services

Global Geographies (Americas, East-West European, Asia Pacific), 2-tier Distributor Reseller, 3-tier with Systems Integrators, Master Distributor for Software Translation/Localization, B2B and B2C online. Budgets, people management and performance analytics for C level executive reporting.

Enterprise Sales Management, Training and Implementation

Driving and managing people performance, structure and KPI’s.