We are innovation experts, we focus on

the creation and implementation of unique and targeted business development strategies that create opportunities for diversification, risk minimization, and reduction of investment in resources and time.

We creatively construct mechanisms for our clients to achieve their goals through the following forms of business collaboration:

Joint Venture

License / Technology Transfer

M&A / Equity Investment


R&D Collaboration

Distribution / Marketing

Our proven experience helps

clients retain a focus on core competencies and/or successfully diversify into new products, technologies, and markets.

Global Strategy searches for new products and technologies from a multitude of sources, including:

Proven products from international markets

New products from emerging companies, startups and spinoffs

Technologies from corporate, university, government or other laboratories

Technology licenses external to the innovator’s field of use

Under-utilized or dormant intellectual property

Venture capital portfolio companies

Business and Market Development Services

Our Global Strategy and Market Development solutions are tailored to your specific objectives. Our consultants utilize proprietary knowledge networks, global industry contacts, and proven methodologies to identify, analyze, develop customized market entry and business strategies in developed and emerging markets.

Our expertise in market development, planning and strategy incorporates more than 20 years of international business success. We research the most suitable markets for entry, design a clear strategy and road map, build and implement tactics to achieve success, and deliver sustainable results for product, service and online organizations.

How we work with clients:

Introduction To The People

Includes all stake holders, project owners and participants within the client organization. Discussions will include conceptual plan, required resources, timeline and methodology.


Pacifica will put together a conceptual project plan, proposed timeline and required resources information for a client review meeting.

Project launch Meeting

Introduction to the people, the project and the budgets. An initial meeting to discuss ideas with the appropriate stake holders and project owners within the client’s organization. The purpose is to understand the goals, timelines, measurement criteria and client politics.

We use Agile Methodology for our projects